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1. Extensive specialization
2. Professionalism and competence
3. Reasonable prices
4. Stability
5. Convenient location

On the web site of the law firm "Logos" you can find information on legal registration services, legal defence and real estate transactions. Our team of lawyers will successfully resolve all your problems.


Our law firm tries to be as open and transparent as it could be. Here we have all the information about the firm in general, its history and our team of lawyers.

If someone is looking for a descent law firm, he considers such factors as speed, professionalism and experience of people working there. In registration services reasonable prices come first, but in legal defense professional competence of lawyers is what matters most.

But the most important thing is trust. Without it any form of partnership is simply impossible.

What is trust? It comes in four parts: openness, professional competence, objectivity and reputation. "Logos" has all of them.  


- opening a new firm
- making changes
- cancellation of a firm
- company reorganization
- share registries
- selling a firm.


- commercial court
- general court
- magistrate's court


- land
- buildings
- apartments
- certified extract from State Register of Real Estate Rights and Transactions


- sell
- buy


Openness means we are completely transparent with our clients. We set fair prices and make precise legal estimations of all our cases.  Firstly we discuss all the details, prepare a contract for you to sign and then start working.  When we are finished with your case you'll get a detailed report.
Professional competence – is experience and knowledge of our lawyers. Our firm was founded in 1998 and has 20 years of legal experience. We hire only the best lawyers of St. Petersburg.
Objectivity means we treat every client equally and choose the best ways to defend him in court. Our goal is not just earning money, but also setting up long-term partnerships and doing everything in the best interests of a client. 
Reputation – is our clients' opinions of us. Receiving positive feedback is a a major factor for a law firm, as good reviews draw more new clients.
Client Reviews

OOO SunSityEngineering

We have been working with Logos for 3 years already. The lawyers proved themselves to be trustworthy and professional. It was a great decision to choose Logos. 

Arthur Grigoriev, CEO

OOO PF Transpack

 With Logos we always feel legally guarded. All the tasks are done quickly and professionally. Thank you for your work and great custom solutions.

Zlobin O.V., CEO

OOO Sladky Dom

We have been working with Logos for many years. I would like to thank you for clear perception of all the tasks, high efficiency and professional behavior. Hoping for long-term partnership.

Dolnakova Anastasia, accountant

GK Darnitsa

We have been cooperating with the Logos law firm for many years, not only because of the high quality of the services provided, but also because Logos is reliable and trustworthy partner.

Komyshan Vitaly, legal consultant


We have been cooperating with the law firm Logos for a while, fully satisfied with our fruitful partnership and high quality of services.

Tsyganova M.A., chief specialist in foreign economic activity and tender transactions


OOO "VSV" has been cooperating with "Logos" Law Firm for several years already. Our communication began with an appeal on a very complicated issue. Prior to this, other lawyers tried to solve the problem, but didn't succeed. In the end, everything was done and a positive result was obtained. This prompted us to expand cooperation and we do not regret it at all - on the contrary, literally all our inquiries and appeals were resolved quickly and without problems. I would also like to note that the work of  Logos distinguishes not only attentive and patient attitude towards clients, but also very reasonable prices for services.

Elesin S.A., CEO

OOO Nevis-Mammuth

Nevis-Mammut has been ordering legal services in Logos from manager Anna Borisova for 5 years and are very satisfied with the results. Everything is done quickly and then delivered straight to our company.

Smyslova V.V., chief accountant's assistant

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